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Moscow Cat Museum

Millions of people in Russia and indeed all over the world, love and appreciate Cats. The Cat has her own fascinating and interesting story immersed in myth and history and has featured in our culture and the arts for millennia.

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The Moscow Cat Museum dedicates its walls to our feline friends and was founded in 1993 after the 'Cats Eye' exhibition in 1992 presented by 'Intergallery'. The exhibition received such rave reviews across the media and so many visitors that it soon became apparent that a museum, devoted solely to Cats in all creative forms, would be very well received.

It is now home to over 1,500 works with a collection which is consistently enriched and which includes 'all things Cat' from a variety of artists... from the very well known to children. Paintings, graphics, sculptures, ceramics, batiks, tapestries, suits, dolls, collages, installations of different styles and trends of art which show the Cat through the eyes of artists; as well as books, photographs, movies, cartoons, postcards and toys… a Cat lover's heaven!

The Moscow Cat Museum is unique, taking part in large international art exhibitions and cat shows and drawing collectors from around the world who find the Cat simply irresistible!