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Ian M. Stevens

"We make dreams come true. We will design and create absolutely anything you desire. This may be a stunning 'never created before' chess set, a Winnie the Pooh treehouse or a luxury tank. You can be as involved as you like in the creative process or we will handle everything for you.

We will be extremely discreet about our work for you. Some clients kindly invite us to share their creations with you. What is your dream?"


"A film industry client commissioned us to design and create this completely bespoke and very personal string marionette theatre. As there are young children in the family, the theatre was designed to uniquely offer the facility to operate traditional string marionettes as well as bespoke hand puppets that allow very young children to take part in shows.

The entire theatre is made of wood and traditional materials. The scenery is all hand painted by British artists, 3D scenery is hand-made in Britain and props include craft and charity shop finds. There is an under-stage area designed like a box at the theatre with a comfy cushion for small children to sit on and play with the automata and hand puppets between the professional puppet shows we stage for our client’s family and friends.

Our client says that we have made a dream come true for him and his family and that we could be staging these puppet shows for many years."

Hef's Automata

"Hugh Hefner is famous for wearing his trademark sailor hat so for this automata we placed him in a submarine. When he sees Crystal through the port hole, the hatch opens and Hef slowly rises out and his eyes pop out on stalks, Tex Avery style. The periscope turns to look at Hef opening the hatch underwater and does a double take on him. Hef is holding a copy of Merbabes magazine and the conning tower interior is decorated with hand drawn pin-ups of mermaids.

Contemporary automata are incredibly flexible and we can make one on almost any theme old or new."

Hef's Casablanca Globe

"I knew that Hugh Hefner’s favourite movie is Casablanca so I suggested creating a very personal bespoke globe that demonstrated the global reach of Hef’s businesses. We created the globe artwork in a 1940s style with subdued colours to complement the style of the movie Casablanca which was made in 1942. We marked the countries that publish their own edition of Playboy magazine in colour shading and Hef’s casinos and night clubs. We also marked the places that Hef visited in the Bunny Jet in the 60s. We decorated the remainder of the globe with the Buick and aeroplanes from the movie and with some contemporary cruise liners.

A globe similar to this would be an amazing thing for any person who has global contacts and maybe wants to mark where they have been in their yacht or where their homes and businesses are situated. They can be simple globes like this or huge Dutch style globes set in a floor stand. Anything is possible as this is a completely bespoke item from start to finish."


"A celebrity asked us to design and build a luxury playhouse for her sister's garden in LA, for her first daughter. We designed the playhouse as a mini version of The Manor, Aaron Spelling's home. Aaron Spelling was behind such greats as the Love Boat, TJ Hooker and Dynasty. The photo here shows a playhouse of a similar design using many of the same design features.

We also made a beautiful smaller scale model of the playhouse which the client presented to her sister at the baby shower."

Water Sculptures

"We design and install these magic water sculptures where ripples radiates outwards, without any visible source, then magically more ripples are invisibly generated and start moving inwards which I previously thought was impossible."